Distance Learning Information and Policy

  1. To enable applicants who live in areas far from Hilo (e.g., Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Kailua-Kona, Waimea) to enroll in our program without having to physically relocate to Hilo, the program courses are taught through the use of UH System’s Hawaii Interactive Video System (HITS). This system allows for the use of videoconferencing in which students attend classes in live synchronous fashion without having to physically be on the Hilo campus. The distance education classrooms are located at designated HITS sites across the various islands (e.g., Palamanui Campus in Kailua-Kona, UH Manoa, UH Maui College, Kauai Community College). For more information about HITS, please go to Hawaii Interactive Video System (HITS). The distance education option is available to those who live within the state of Hawaii.

  2. To be eligible to enroll in the program through the distance education modality, a student must live a minimum of 25 miles away from the UH Hilo campus. Those students who live within the 25 mile radius must attend the classes on campus.

  3. For students who are enrolled in the program using the distance education modality, here are the requirements.

    1. Students must physically attend class at an approved HITS facility. Classes are typically scheduled on Tues/Thurs during the day.

    2. All students, including those who are enrolled through the distance education modality, must attend in-person the program orientation session that is held during the first Fall semester of their study. The orientation session usually is held during the week before the first week of Fall instructions.

    3. Some of the program’s courses will require students enrolled through the distance education modality to attend class in-person with the other students. For Spring semester of the first year, the distance education students will be required to travel to Hilo to participate in two weekend-long learning experiences, one early in the semester and another later in the semester, for the following three courses: PSY 603 Psychological Assessment (4) , PSY 622 Group Work & Counseling (4) , and PSY 624 Counseling Skills (3) . For Fall semester of the second year, the distance education students will be required to travel to Hilo for a one-day intensive learning during the week (either Tuesday or Thursday), for the following two courses: PSY 693 Cog Behavior Therapy Adult (3) / PSY 695 CBT for Children and Families (3) , and PSY 640 Practicum Supervision (3) .

    4. In total, students who are enrolled through the distance education modality will be required to be in Hilo for 6 days during their two years in the program (i.e., 1 day in Fall semester of 1st year, 4 days (2 weekends) in Spring semester of 1st year, and 1 day in Fall semester of 2nd year). All students are responsible for covering their travel cost to Hilo.

    5. Students using the distance education modality are required to participate in advising meetings with their program advisor at least two times each semester via teleconference.

Note: Students attending the program in person also are required to attend these learning activities.